Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of NAMB and how much does it cost?

Visit to become a NAMB member or to learn more about membership perks. The annual fee for a Professional Membership is $120. You can also call (202) 434-8250 to speak with a NAMB team member.

Where can I find my membership number?

You can access your membership number by visiting NAMB’s website.

Can I use NAMB All-In if I’m a member of a different mortgage professional organization?

NAMB All-In is exclusively available to NAMB members. Visit to join.

Can NAMB All-In replace our existing LOS?

NAMB All-in is perfect for brokers who want to quickly and easily originate a mortgage loan. If you're a NAMB member, we recommend that you sign up to use NAMB All-In free of charge and experience the differences first hand.

How do we join NAMB All-In as a participating wholesaler?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participating wholesaler! Email us at and someone from our vendor relationship team will follow-up with you soon.

Can I complete a 1003 in the system and revise as needed?

You can absolutely complete the 1003 in the system and revise, as needed. As an added bonus, we are the only LOS to have the new 2019 URLA available now.

How do I know that someone can't get into my files?

NAMB All-In is serious about protecting your data from start to finish. Beginning with Zip, the mobile-friendly point-of-sale, we use SSAE 18, SOC 1 and TLS 1.2 bank-level security. Your files are secure and password protected, only accessible after you enter your credentials, and as a “Super Admin” you can allow or deny internal staff access rights to view loan files.

When is the $10 transaction fee triggered?

The $10 transaction fee is triggered whenever an applicant clicks the Submit button at the end of the Zip online loan application.

Can clients upload confidential information to me? What is the cost?

Document request and the corresponding document upload feature is available via Zip, the point-of-sale included with the LOS. The document request feature is free to use. Documents from other systems can be uploaded. If you choose to use the borrower interview from your personalized Zip URL, there is a $10 fee per borrower loan submission. A 12-minute product demo is available here.

Is there a way to input my license numbers into the system so I can export a complete 1003? Will there be live voice tech support?

Yes, you can add your NMLS license information to the application settings. NAMB All-In will always have a live person available to assist with your technical support needs. Once you sign up for the LOS, all technical questions can be directed to or call 844-684-0030 for immediate assistance.

Can you pull credit through the system or can the broker pull their own credit?

The broker may pull their own credit and choose to reissue it in NAMB All-In. However, to avoid going to multiple sites and to increase efficiency, it’s recommended that you pull credit inside of the LOS. When you pull credit through the system you now have the option to import liabilities from the credit report and choose who will pay for the report – you or the borrower.

Is Zip a dedicated homepage or website?

NAMB All-In is not a standalone website for your business; however, it does provide you with a dedicated, fully personalized URL with an application.

NAMB All-In comes with a mobile-friendly point-of-sale called Zip. It allows you to send a personalized link to prospective borrowers where they can complete a borrower interview. Your link can be added to your existing website to take borrowers to your borrower interview page.

The interview is a Turbo Tax-style application that asks demographic, income, and subject property information. When the prospect completes the interview, you're notified via email and can access it directly from NAMB All-In. If you choose to use that feature, the fee is $10 per borrower interview submitted.

How can my borrowers access Zip?

Borrowers access Zip through your personalized URL. You can share the URL via text message directly to your borrowers, or include it in your email signature line, social media posts and profiles. You can also include the URL as the link for the “Get Started” button on your website.

Does this system integrate with Point?

No, Point and NAMB All-In are completely separate LOS systems. However, you have the option to export a FNMA 3.2 file out of NAMB All-In into the LOS of your choice.

Can I use NAMB All-In on a Mac?

Absolutely! NAMB All-In is compatible with any device that supports a web browser, including a tablet, Mac, PC, etc.